King's Row is not only a great place to eat burgers, but also a very nostalgic place for some, including my father. This place has excellent choices for food including their world famous Garbage Burger, a burger with a quarter pound patty, bacon, ham all on it! Other than that, they have great milkshakes and good tater tots/fries. Depending on what day/time you come here, there might be a long wait, as we came here on a Saturday evening and it took roughly 45 minutes to get our food. In the end, if you like great tasting food and don't mind a wait, let the king serve you at King's Row!


A throw-back that is completely worth it. Order the famous Garbage Burger or my favorite the Philly Cheese Steak. Make sure you save room for the shakes as they are definitely not the normal garbage you get from chain burger joints. And in the summer months the Kings Scoop makes for a great dessert option. A great reason to take a detour on a road trip across Washington State.

Sheldon White

The food here is always good. It's real, made to order, classic American drive in food. The garbage burger is my favorite and I'm sure I'm not alone! The service is good, although occasionally you'll be waiting for a while. This place gets super busy, especially on weekends. But, that's a good thing and it's worth the wait!

Stefan Russell

Kings Row is an amazing place that has been in service for decades. The food is great, fries are fresh and not overly greasy, and the garbage burger is my Go-To burger in town.

Highly recommend you check out this local staple if you're passing through town and support some high school kids in the process.

Evan Johnston

Tried this place one day just driving through and have been going back since then! The burgers are very enjoyable and fries are just right. Their service is friendly and helpful. I've been recommending this place to other family members an friends, telling them they need to try out Kings Row. You wont regret it!
Pictured is a double cheeseburger with everything on it including jalapenos. A side of fries and their fry sauce.

BillieDee Schaaf

First time customer, I was surprised how fast they perpared the food. Loved the Fries!

Annette Bullis

First time back here since 1998...still awesome for a tasty burger and tots with bonus corn dogs.

Dale Robertson

Food is always absolutely wonderful and the ice cream ?? fricken heaven, our service that day seemed not cool we felt like we irritated the window person, we weren't able to look at menu closely kinda got rushed to the window. She wasn't rude but could have been more understanding. All in all will definitely eat there again and everyone has an off day ❤️?

shay olman

Ordered 2 burgers a fry and a drink. Food was hot , tasted great and it didn't take very long to get. Good place to go. 100x better than McDonald's just down the road. Didn't cost much more than McDonald's but way better. Spent $20.

Darlene Loss

I love it here! Great food. Try the garbage burger! Relatively low prices for classic drive in food. I love how they have an ice cream center. Friendly service too.

Kayla Ellis

Exelentes burgers the bes burgers in town you need taste garbage burger its my favorite its real 5 stars burger so delicious and fresh frenchfries but need more organize and faster service I hunderstand covid no help ThankYou Austin

Federico Reyes

Very friendly and smiles and excellent customer service! And my second time there. I Loved the food ? great flavor and the Fries are amazing! I told my husband we need to come to Selah when we want a burger! I think we found our new spot!! ?♥️!!

maria sanchez

We stopped by after the Selah parade expecting a long wait as the restaurant was full to the brim. We ordered 3 kings row specials, a plain Cheeseburger and a small onion ring. We got our food within 10-15 minutes. The kings row came with a Cheeseburger, drink and fries for $5.60. Can't beat that price! Staff was friendly even with all the chaos.

Delia Ramos

Kings Row is awesome! Yes there is a wait at certain high traffic times but the customer service is always amazing. I love to stop here because the employees are always polite & cheerful. To me, thats one of most important things in deciding where to go.
The food is always yummy & freshly cooked. No soggy fries like other places. Cost is par for other fast food so its worth the few minutes to sit in car & wait. Top service & awesome food you can't go wrong with.


I love this place. If you catch them on a busy day, let me just say it is well worth the wait. The burgers are delicious. I recommend the cheese burger with special sauce added and extra cheese! Order a black mountain dew for a drink. Delicious!

Agustin Mojica

What a pleasant surprise! The BEST Double Cheeseburger that I have EVER had the pleasure of eating. The Fish & Chips were pretty tasty as well. Long waits, prepared. Helpful staff with great attitudes! We'll be back!

Exploring the Northwest

They really have great customer service and really nice people and the food is definitely delicious I would never go anywhere else

Tiege Lee

Had the Garbage burger, onion rings, banana shake, delicious! If you're ever in Selah stop by and give them a try! Highly recommend! Good food!

David Pinkham

This place is a classic iconic burger joint. I always get the garbage burger and it has not let me down. Everything else on the menu is pretty good, least favorite item is the tuna sandwich. Milkshakes are always thicc, and their speed is pretty good for the quality of food.

jesus balvuena

King's Row is my new fave place! Stopped there for the first time after a drive over White Pass. Could hardly wait to take my husband there. Did so a week later...same good food and friendly people! Taking my BFF there next. Reasonable prices and very good food. Yum!

You Two